Story by Brandon Council

A Colorado man defended himself against a mountain lion when the animal attacked him. A man was running on trails  of Colorado when the 80 pound mountain lion approached him from behind and proceeded to maul him on the face and body. The man did all he could in the moment to defend himself, grabbing rocks and pummeling the animal in the face. Then, earning himself an eternal man card he choked the mountain lion to death. Yes folks, he choked an 80 lb. mountain lion to death. Not many people can say they’ve choked a wild mountain lion to death with their bare hands. One could confidently make the bet that almost anyone faced with the same situation wouldn’t have made it away alive.

What can firearm owners and concealed carriers take from this story? A few things come to mind. First and foremost, just as the mugging victim didn’t plan on getting mugged, this guy never planned on finding himself in the fight for his life. This is a classic case in point for the principle of carrying as often as possible and that includes on the job and out in nature. Had this man been carrying a firearm, he may not have had to literally grapple a lion to death. Another lesson this can teach us is a threat doesn’t necessarily need to be a person. Obviously the chances of a mountain lion attacking in Eastern Iowa are scarce, but it could be a stray dog or coyote. Situational awareness is paramount. This man was aware of his surroundings and that may have been what saved his life. He was aware of the presence of the threat and acted accordingly. Carrying a firearm won’t do anything if you aren’t aware of what’s going on around you. We must always have situational awareness when out and about.

All of these lessons mean nothing without proper training. One can read stories like this over and over, but until faced with a dangerous situation no one can know how they’ll react. Training is the best way to be ready for potentially deadly encounters. Whether it’s dry fire, live fire at a range, or taking classes, one should never stop trying to train to the next level. Not everyone can choke a mountain lion.