About Us

Davenport Guns Staff Photo

Jeanelle – Owner

As the third generation Westrom in a family line of firearms experts, Jeanelle Westrom learned sight alignment and trigger control before learning how to ride a bike.   Working gun shows with her parents, Jeanelle has been involved in the firearms industry one way or another since childhood.

Jeanelle entered competitive shooting, participating in the Bianchi Cup, International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts, International Practical Shooting Confederation, The Precision Pistol Competition. Jeanelle continues to compete in Service Rifle competitions in a variety of locations across the country.

Jeanelle is a certified instructor and has trained both rifle and pistol shooters. In 2014 Jeanelle took over the ArmaLite store at Camp Perry and works with all the military teams along with as many junior teams as possible.  The following year she opened up

In January 2016, Jeanelle was selected to represent her home state of Iowa as a group of dedicated female shooters to head to DC and talk to our nations legislators.  Dubbed the “DC Project”, the first trip was in Feb of 2016, to learn the lay of the land and to let our elected officials see that the face of today’s shooter is changing, and the female market is growing.

Beginning in the Spring of 2016 Jeanelle also became part of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Range Advisory Committee, whose goal is to bring as many ranges, both indoor and outdoor, up to a national standard that meets both EPA and OSHA requirements, takes care of customers and/or range members, and making the shooting sports available to the public.

Carlton – General Manager

As a youngin’ Carlton served in the Marines as a heavy machine gunner. Before his discharge he worked at Advanced Infantry training school as a machine gun instructor and a pistol marksmanship coach. Afterward he continued on as a police sergeant.
He currently has a n AAS Degree in Hazardous Materials and Environmental compliance with general industry. He is also an NRA pistol and Rifle instructor.

Mr. “S” – NFA Specialist and Purchasing

AKA Grumpy. US Army Retired. “S” comes to Davenport Guns & Shooting Club after a varied Carrier including deployments to undisclosed areas with the US Army and later as a Contractor.

Shane – Sales

AKA Tactical Santa.Shane left a 34 year career in industrial and welding equipment sales for a career in something he loves, “GUNS”. He enjoys shooting and talking guns and has a passion for predator and waterfowl hunting. His goal is to obtain his NRA traininer credentials.

Marion – Training & Sales

Marion is a retired RN and has been with Davenport Guns and Shooting Club for 3 years. She specializes in one on one training for first time shooters, teaching safety, proper stance, building confidence and helping other enjoy shooting sports.

Marion loves spending time on the range, gardening, and spending time with her dog Rocky.

Eli – Sales

Eli is Davenport Guns & Shooting Club’s youngest employee. Eli shoots for Lindenwood University’s Shotguns sport team and has extensive High School competitive shooting experience.

Eli has been with Davenport Guns & Shooting Club since 2015. Eli’s Hobbies include Hunting, Fishing and Camping.

Mark – Receiving & Net Sales

Mark has been with Davenport Guns since 2016 and is a lifelong shooting sports enthusiast and hunter. Mark is accomplished blues musician and in his spare time, Mark tunes late model performance cars.

Forrest Rob Mayne – Sales

Forrest Served in the Navy for 20 years.
Aviation Ordnance man, worked with ordnance that was either dropped of fired from Naval and Marine Corps aircraft. Spent time living in Japan & has been to many other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia……
Before retiring, also worked in the Armory for base Security and help with the range.
His passion is firearms and firearm safety, believes that everyone should take a firearms safety course whether they have a firearm or not, Knowledge is power.

Gobi – Loss prevention Mgr

Gobi the Teddy Bear, our loss prevention specialist. Stealthy as a ninja, she uses her skills to sneak up on unsuspecting customers where she interrupts their dastardly deeds for belly scratches. Her weapon of choice is of course the SilencerCo Maxim 9…it’s almost as quiet as she is.

Training Staff

Greg – Volunteer Instructor

Greg Adamson is a volunteer instructor at Davenport Guns and Shooting Club. Prior to this he served for 31 years for the Bettendorf Iowa Police Department. He retired with the rank of Captain and was the Patrol Division Commander. He served in many other capacities during his tenure to include working as an undercover narcotics officer, patrol officer and supervisor, commander of the Investigation and administrative divisions, tactical team member and supervisor, department training officer and fire arms instructor.

Greg also retired from the U.S. Army / U.S. Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Military Police Corps. During his military career he served as a infantryman, Artillery Officer and Armor Officer. He was also a member of an Army Pistol and Rifle Team and was an instructor and OIC of several rifle ranges at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Greg has earned his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and teaches as an adjunct professor at a local college. He is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Chad – Training Coordinator

6-year Marine Corp Vet. Chad has been involved in the Military and Law enforcement in his career and is an avid outdoors-man and hunter. 20 Years LAW Enforcement Certifications in Small Arms, Defensive Tactics, EVOC.

Highlights include: Firearms Instructor, Special Operations, SWAT, Bomb Squad, Small Unit Supervisor, and Housing Authority Unit.

Hugh – Instructor

Hugh served 29 years as an U. S. Army officer on both active and reserve duty retiring in 1999 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He initially was commissioned as an armor officer but later branch qualified as a Special Forces officer after completing Airborne and Special Forces training. During his 29 years of service he had more than 21 years as commander of an armor platoon, armor company, Special Forces detachment commander and Basic Training Battalion commander. He was also a U. S. Army Command and General Staff instructor.

He was recalled to active duty in 2006 after volunteering for recall after 9/11. In addition to his already extensive weapons training he completed extensive training to qualify as a Military Transition Team advisor assigned to advise the 2nd Iraqi Army Division in Mosul, Iraq during 2007- 2008. He provided advice and assistance to the 2nd Iraqi Army Division’s Commanding General, Deputy Commanding General, Chief of Staff, Personnel Officer, Intelligence Officer, Operations Officer, Logistics Officer, Legal Officer, Military Police Company Commander, Intelligence Surveillance and Recon Company Commander and Bomb Disposal Company Commander while conducting numerous combat operations in Mosul and throughout Ninewah Province.Hugh is also a retired attorney who was licensed in Iowa, Illinois and the Federal Courts in both states before retiring in 2008. During his career he tried over 400 jury trials as either a prosecutor or in civil defense cases.

Hugh has taught numerous legal courses and seminars in addition to currently teaching Iowa and Illinois concealed carry classes and NRA Basic courses.


Kevin is a U.S. Army Veteran, an NRA-certified pistol instructor, an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer, an Illinois State Police-certified firearms instructor and a Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation-certified firearms instructor. His ongoing training includes Combat Focus Shooting in Arizona and Illinois, and tactical training sessions with Pulse O2DA Defense Academy in Illinois.

Kevin has worked as a financial services professional for 27 years. When he’s not working, teaching, training or shooting, he and his wife enjoy traveling, hiking, biking and spending time with their six grandchildren.

Jake – DSI Tactical Trainer

Jake Pries has been part of the firearms training community since 2006 after completing and graduating as the Honor Graduate and Top Gun for the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman Course. Jake has spent the last 19 years as a member of the Iowa Army National Guard. He has two overseas deployments to Afghanistan (2004–2005 / 2010–2011) with assignments and duties emphasizing small unit tactics, explosives and precision shooting.

While serving in the military, Jake has been assigned as the State Marksmanship Instructor, to the Small Arms Readiness Team responsible for organizing, developing and implementing unit level training throughout the state of Iowa and has been the Unit Marksmanship Coordinator for various units of assignment throughout his career. Jake was selected to the state of Iowa’s Winston P Wilson competition team three years in a row and was part of the team that took 4th in the nation in 2007.Jake has also been an officer with the Davenport Police Department since 2003. His current assignments include: Emergency Services Team serving as a breacher, the departments Honor Guard serving as the units Supervisor and lead instructor and day-shift patrol corporal serving as a supervisor.