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Decisions, Decisions

  By Brandon Council Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you say or do something and regret it? The decisions we make every day have consequences; either good or bad. Bad decisions often produce outcomes instantly. Sometimes, it takes years... Read More

CZ Bandwagon

By Brandon Council             Concealed carrying can be an almost endless process. If you haven’t gone through the process, you’d think it’s as simple as buying a pistol, holster, and ammo, taking the course, and getting your permit. You would be wrong. At least it... Read More

Timing is Everything

         By Brandon Council             Colt has made the decision to cease the manufacturing and sale of their AR-15’s for the civilian market. With all of the talk about impending gun control legislation, it makes you wonder if Colt has joined companies like Dicks,... Read More

Dreaming of Good Legislation

By Brandon Council   Every new legislative session promises one thing: The constant attack on our Second Amendment will continue. This is true after any mass shooting, and often times whenever politicians have a moment to think about it. We all know that bans wouldn’t... Read More
Buy Once, Cry Once

Buy Once, Cry Once

Story by Brandon Council Whether you’re a collector, competitor, or hobbyist, buying firearms is something you’re committed to. Some are inexpensive, some…well, not so much. When I started my own collection, I was more concerned with quantity. Quality came second. A... Read More

Dirty Money?

            Gun grabbers are willing to go to any length necessary to limit our rights. Usually this includes attempting legislation that would limit style or function of firearms, or capacity of magazines. They’ve even thrown around the idea of limiting or... Read More
Faulty Statistics

Faulty Statistics

Statistics are everywhere around us. Our rights are commonly attacked using statistics as grounds for statistics. How accurate are the statistics used by gun control advocates though? As the old saying goes “using statistics is a great way to lie”. Let’s take a look... Read More