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Defensive Shooting Skills: Handgun Presentation and Marksmanship Basics


A short, but intense course designed for the beginning concealed carrier. This course is meant to bridge the gap between your state-mandated concealed carry permit course, and other “advanced” pistol training. When avoidance, escape, and deescalation fail, and you’re staring down a credible, imminent, deadly threat, the ability to get the gun from where it is (the holster) to where it needs to be (aimed at your attacker) quickly and efficiently becomes crucial. That is why presenting the firearm from the holster and engaging targets quickly is the sole focus of this coursework. This training is more than just “supervised shooting drills” and will give you a foundation in drawing your pistol from the holster, shooting targets consistent with self-defense, clearing malfunctions, basic movement, and strategies for safe gun handling in the real world. Most importantly, this course will help you practice more deliberately, and help you build and test your skills in your home, and on the range if you’re committed enough to put in the work. There is nothing militaristic or “tactical” about this course; a person of any age, size, skill level, or physical ability will find value in this training.

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Ammunition for this course is provided!

Course tuition is 174.95, includes the cost of targets, class handouts, and 200 rounds of ammunition. (please add a note to your order, or contact the staff if you will be shooting something other than .380, 9x19mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP)

What to Bring:

  • Certificate of basic pistol training (USCCA or NRA) or Concealed Carry Permit, or proof of equivalent training (contact instructor (563) 277-3227)
  • A modern semi-automatic center-fire defensive handgun (revolver classes are coming soon)
  • A holster that meets our holster guidelines* **
  • At least two magazines
  • A sturdy belt, preferably one designed for the purpose of being a gun belt*
  • Safety-rated eye protection
  • Safe range attire: Long pants, baseball style hat, crew-neck shirt, close-toed shoes

Selecting a holster and supporting items that work can be tough, if you don’t currently own a holster, belt, or magazine pouches, contact the Davenport Guns training staff for advice. Better yet, if you contact us a week or more in advance, we can procure a set of loaner gear for your chosen firearm (as long as the make is fairly common). You will gain some knowledge during the course that might help you choose a better holster and belt for you (563) 277-3227. Also see our holster guidelines below.

** Holster guidelines:

  • The holster must cover the trigger guard COMPLETELY
  • The holster must retain the firearm well enough that turning the holster upside down does not dislodge the firearm
  • The holster must retain it’s shape when the firearm is drawn
  • The holster must attach to your belt or pants with a loop, clip, paddle, or clamp (classes for pocket and ankle holsters are coming soon)
  • BLACKHAWK! Serpa holsters, or other holsters that use pressure from the trigger finger on a button on the outside of the holster to defeat the retention system of the holster are prohibited for use in this course with no exceptions
  • Cross-draw holsters are prohibited
  • Shoulder holsters are prohibited
  • Sticky holsters or similar products are prohibited
  • Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) holsters are allowed as long as they are made of kydex, injection molded plastic, or similar materials. Leather or fabric holsters are not approved for AIWB carry in this course.


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May 17th, 7am-1pm, May 24th, 7am-1pm


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