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House Of Worship Security Awareness Seminar


This 2-hour seminar is the perfect choice for anyone unfamiliar with the security risks Houses of Worship face, and those leaders of Houses of Worship who are interested in developing a volunteer security team. No one wants to be victimized by criminal predators and mentally disturbed mass murders. Everyone wants to learn ways to reduce their chances of a confrontation with a criminal predator. This seminar is not a firearm or self-defense training class. It’s a seminar that will help you develop physical security strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your houses of worship. Attendees will learn how to create layers of safety in your facilities to protect yourself and your parishioners from today’s criminal. Safety experts agree the single most crucial steps toward ensuring the physical security of your house of worship is making the conscious decision to employ a defensive mindset and the development of a physical security plan. The recruitment, training and deployment of an armed security team is part of the overall physical security plan.

Lesson Plan:
I. The Threat
II. Developing A Physical Security Plan
III. Security Team Development
IV. Security Team Training
V. Implementation Of The Physical Security Plan
VI. Closing Remarks

$49.95 per person. Minimum class size: 6. To start the reservation process, pay a deposit of $40 and we will reach out to you shortly. If you have any questions please contact us at or call (563) 200-9104

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