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Course Description: No organization in the world understands firearm safety, training and education better than the National Rifle Association (NRA), and through the Home Firearm Safety Course, we continue our proud tradition of teaching Americans how to be safe with and around firearms. This course is the perfect choice for anyone unfamiliar with firearms, those who wish to learn basic firearm terminology and how to safely handle and manipulate various firearms. Even if you’re not a firearm owner or shooter, understanding the basics about firearm safety can help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe should you ever encounter an unattended firearm. Firearm safety isn’t just for gun owners – it’s a critical skill for everyone in the United States. This is an instructor-led and non-shooting course, which is conducted in a traditional classroom environment.

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Course Title: Introduction to Firearms (Follows curriculum for NRA Home Firearm Safety Course)

Course Goal: To teach students the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition in the home.

Course Registration Fee: $60.00/student (Registration fee is transferable, but not refundable)

More Details:  This is a four-hour course that focuses on the following topics: safe gun handling; the primary causes of firearm accidents; basic firearm parts; how to load and unload various types of firearm actions; basic ammunition components; firearm cleaning, care and safe storage options in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports. The participation in shooting sports is an integral part of the fabric of the American culture and lifestyle. This has never been more apparent in our nation’s history than today, with the ever-increasing number of people buying firearms and discovering the joy of shooting firearms for recreational purposes. Americans are purchasing firearms at a historic rate, with more than 27 million NICS background checks performed in 2016 (the closest indicator of gun sales in the U.S.). Gun ownership comes with a great responsibility, entailing not only a well-formed understanding of the basic rules of gun safety while shooting, but the practicing of safe firearm storage always. Gun safety is never more important than inside your own home. Even if you don’t own a firearm and have no plans to buy one, family members and friends may have guns in their homes that you might encounter during a visit. Despite plans to never own or use a gun, it’s a great idea for Americans of all ages to learn what to do if you encounter an unattended firearm to stay safe and protect others.

Course attendees will receive the following:

  • The NRA Home Firearm Safety handbook;
  • The NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure;
  • The NRA Basic Firearm Training Program brochure;
  • Intensive lessons on the following topics: the rules of safe gun handling; the primary causes of firearm accidents; how to identify several types of firearms (actions), how to identify the components of common types of firearms, how to identify the components of common types of ammunition, procedures for the safe storage of ammunition, procedures for the safe storage of firearms, and a demonstration of how to clean and inspect various firearms. Students will also get hands-on experience in the loading and unloading of the most common types of handguns, rifles and shotguns. Students will receive immediate feedback from the instructor during the practical exercises; and
  • An NRA Home Firearm Safety Course completion certificate.
  • Learning Objectives:
  1. Rules for Safe Gun Handling
  2. Identifying and Unloading Different Firearms
  3. Practical Exercises in Safe Gun Handling
  4. Types of Ammunition; Cleaning and Storage of Firearms

Course Prerequisites:

  1. Please bring a positive learning attitude and a willingness to participate in course exercises. There are no additional prerequisites for attending this course and the material can be understood by mature people of all ages.

Thank you! We know you have a choice in firearms education and training providers in the Quad-Cities metropolitan area and we thank you for choosing Davenport Guns and Shooting Club.

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