NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim [Webinar]


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Course Description: No one wants to be victimized by criminal predators. Everyone wants to learn ways to reduce their chances of confrontation and victimization. It’s a seminar that will help you improve personal safety strategies and will provide you with valuable information that you can apply in every area of your life. Attendees will learn how to create layers of safety in your life to protect yourself and your family from today’s criminals. Safety experts agree the single most crucial steps toward ensuring your personal safety is making the conscious decision to employ a defensive mindset and the development of a personal safety plan.

This is a Non-Shooting Course!


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Additional InformationThis course teaches attendees the tips and techniques needed to be alerted to dangerous situations and the tools to avoid becoming a victim of criminal predators. This course focuses on proactive courses of action, rather than reactive. Criminal predators prefer easy targets. By making yourself more difficult to prey upon (becoming a “hard” target), you lessen your risk of criminal attack. You stand a much better chance of preventing or avoiding a criminal attack if you develop a personal safety plan before you need it. The seminar instructor(s) will provide easy to understand methods you can use to increase your situational awareness and prevent a criminal confrontation. Seminars teach about common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of and teach a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive, and easy to follow. Make the decision to Refuse To Be A Victim today!

This is a Non-Shooting Course!

Tuition Fee: $60.00/student (Registration fee is transferable, but not refundable.)

Course Length: 4-hours 

Course Goals: To discuss various methods and options to help participants avoid dangerous confrontations with criminal predators.

Lesson Plans:

Lesson 1 – Course Introduction;

Lesson 2 – The Psychology of Criminal Predators;

Lesson 3 – Mental Preparedness;

Lesson 4 – Physical Security;

Lesson 5 – Home Security;

Lesson 6 – Automobile Security;

Lesson 7 – Out-Of-Town Travel Security;

Lesson 8 – Technological Security;

Lesson 9 – Personal Protection Devices;

Lesson 10 – Special Teaching Modules: Workplace and Parenting Security;

Lesson 11 – Special Section: Domestic Violence and Stalking; and

Lesson 12 – Closing Remarks

Course Prerequisites: The only pre-requisite for seminar participation is an interest in crime prevention and personal safety. The material is beneficial for men, women and easily understood by mature children ≤14 years old (especially young ladies).  NRA membership is not required.

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May 17 6:00PM – 10:00PM, August 10 1:00PM – 5:00PM


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