In the video above, Zana Lynn details how she narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt while walking to her car after work. Mark Zuckerberg and other anti-gun activists would prefer her to be disarmed when faced with attackers.

Note: This article is a contribution by a guest writer and is not necessarily represent the positions of Davenport Guns, its owner or employees.

Story by Ian Kummer

Facebook now considers posts honoring fallen police officers hate speech. Some posts are outright deleted. Others are flagged as “harmful” – even paid ads for police charities.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and self-appointed guardian of democracy against “fake news”, is not shy about censorship. On his personal Facebook page Zuckerberg gloats about about the manpower and resources he dedicates to suppressing opinions and ideas he doesn’t like.

In the chart pictured below, Zuckerberg illustrates what he calls “engagement patterns.” His hybrid army of human employees and AI bots scour the social media platform for “borderline” opinions, and deletes them. The posts that aren’t outright deleted are suppressed. For example, a content creator publishes a graphic supportive of police, or another “prohibited” opinion (like supporting the US Constitution). That page may have thousands of followers, and under normal circumstances could reach millions of viewers. But Zuckerberg’s team silently censors the post so few or none of the page’s followers see it. The graphic goes unnoticed and doesn’t get enough “likes” and “shares” to gain traction. This surreptitious censorship is arguably better than outright deleting content – it suppresses opposing viewpoints without drawing attention.

The latest victims of Zuckerberg’s war on the truth is the surviving family members of California Police Officer Ronil Singh. A Fijian-American immigrant and father, Singh left his family for a shift on the California Highway Patrol Dec. 26. He would never return home. A drunk illegal immigrant murdered him over a missing license plate. Grief and outrage swept the nation. A CHP officer was murdered by a criminal – a criminal who the California government had deliberately protected from capture and deportation. Thousands of supporters took to Facebook to post their condolences.

This is an example of what Zuckerberg would call “prohibited content.” Singh was a legal immigrant and a police officer – his murderer was a criminal illegally trespassing on American soil. This goes against the narrative Zuckerberg wants to groom voters with in upcoming elections. Naturally, his organization set to work suppressing any mention of Singh or his death.

The suppression of Singh’s memorial posts is one example in a larger pattern of censorship. Last month apparel company Warrior 12 posted a paid Facebook ad for one of their t-shirts. The revenue from these sales goes to various law enforcement causes, including the families of fallen officers like Singh. Facebook didn’t delete the ad. The media giant took a more Orwellian approach. Facebook accepted Warrior 12’s money, then instructed viewers to report the ad as “offensive.”

Our own Facebook page for Davenport Guns has fallen victim to Facebook censorship. As reported in the local news last year – Facebook has barred us from posting ads supporting American troops on the holidays, and offering self-defense classes for women.

Though Zuckerberg seems intent on completely disarming the American people, he spends vast fortunes to protect himself. CNBC reported in 2018 that Zuckerberg spends $20,000 a day on personal security. To add insult to injury, Federal judges have consistently ruled that – even after Americans are disarmed – the government has no duty to protect them. Read more on that in our previous blog entry here, or watch the video embedded below.