A new  bill in the Oklahoma House, if passed, would tax passengers using rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. What would the money go to? DUI prevention. No, we’re not making that up.

Rep. Merleyn Bell, proposed House Bill 1143, which would add a 20% tax on rideshare “surge pricing” (Temporary increases in the standard fare during periods of high demand).
Bell hopes that rideshare companies take the program a step further and charge people extra for standard fares as well.

My hope is that they would be willing to become a committed partner in ensuring that more Oklahomans get home safely whether that’s during surge charge pricing or not.

For years, anti-gunners have claimed that the way to stop criminals is to punish and disarm law-abiding citizens – making them more vulnerable to criminals. Unsurprisingly, Bell is a diehard anti-gun extremist, with a Gun Rights rating of 0% from the NRA. Her obsession with punishing innocent people for the crimes of a guilty few has spread to other walks of life. Now she wants to punish responsible people and force them to help pay for drunk drivers. Had a few beers and want to take an Uber so you’re not behind the wheel? Bell thinks you should be forced to pay more because your neighbor drives drunk.  Maybe next she’ll propose ending toothaches by large taxes on toothbrushes. Or maybe end bicycle fatalities by taxing helmets.

We’re not sure where this poor woman’s head has gotten to, but hopefully she pulls it out soon.