Note: This article is a contribution by a guest writer and does not necessarily represent the positions of Davenport Guns, its owner or employees.

Story by Ian Kummer

Anti-Gun extremists aren’t just at war with Americans’ natural right to own weapons and defend themselves, they are also at war with the truth itself.

In 2018 Scientific American, a publication that used to be a beacon of facts and reason, launched a bizarre, rambling attack against Americans who choose to better protect themselves against criminals. According to the article:

When men became fathers or got married, they started to feel very vulnerable, like they couldn’t protect families… For them, owning a weapon is part of what it means to be a good husband and a good father. That meaning is rooted in fear and vulnerability—very motivating emotions… Obama’s presidency, they feared, would empower minorities to threaten their property and families.

This underhanded insinuation that gun owners are racist didn’t stop there:

That’s an insight echoed by another study published last year. Baylor University sociologists Paul Froese and F. Carson Mencken created a ‘gun empowerment scale’ designed to measure how a nationally representative sample of almost 600 owners felt about their weapons. Their study found that people at the highest level of their scale—the ones who felt most emotionally and morally attached to their guns—were 78 percent white and 65 percent male.

Let’s look at these numbers. First off, roughly 77% of Americans are white. So the percentage of white gun owners is nearly identical to the percentage of white Americans in general. Also, white Americans have a higher median wage than the national average. This is a significant factor in gun ownership. Anti-gun extremists have made gun ownership difficult and expensive. Gun taxes and regulations are more burdensome than ever before in American history. These higher associated costs are manageable for a family with a high household income. But guns, training and concealed carry applications may simply be too expensive for members of demographic groups with lower median incomes. Ironically, anti-gun extremists’ obsession with “curbing gun violence” has actually made life more dangerous for people who need guns the most: low-income men, women and families living in high-crime areas of the United States.

As for the author’s insinuation that gun ownership is somehow tied to male paranoia about being unable to protect their families? This claim is blatantly false. Though fewer women own guns, 27% of female gun owners cite protection as the only reason they own a gun – compared with just 8% of men. In other words, men buy guns for recreation, hunting, and other purposes at a higher rate. But women are much more likely to buy a gun to defend themselves. This seems like common sense. Women on average have less brute physical strength than men. They are also more likely to be targeted by criminal predators for sexual assault. Another statistic seems to confirm this conclusion: More American women now apply for and receive concealed-carry permits than ever before – even more than men.

The final nail in Scientific American’s factual coffin? Concealed-carry holders are the most law-abiding citizens in the United States. They have an even lower crime-rate than law enforcement and military personnel! So much for the anti-gunners’ narrative that firearm enthusiasts are evil racists.

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