Anti-gunners have struck another blow against our 2nd Amendment Rights.

In Middlebury, Vermont, school officials uncovered a plan by two students to commit murder on campus grounds. Police acted quickly, rounding up the two juvenile suspects and seizing the firearms.

There was just one problem: The guns these two juveniles allegedly planned to use belonged to a relative. The relative kept them locked up in his home and was unaware of the planned crime.

According to local news sources:

“We executed what is called an ‘extreme risk order’ (Monday) night at a relative’s house who had all these firearms,” Hanley said. “They were locked up (in the home), but one of these kids said he had access to them and could get them. So we took advantage of that extreme risk order statute that was passed. We needed to separate the person from their ability to do this.”

Hanley on Tuesday morning wasn’t sure of the exact inventory of the more than 10 confiscated weapons, but said they largely consisted of hunting rifles and handguns. He doesn’t believe any semi-automatic assault rifles or shotguns were among the bunch. [Read more here]

As of today, police have no plans to prosecute the firearm owner. They confiscated the guns of a law-abiding citizen because someone else planned to use them to commit a crime. Worse still, the suspects planned to steal the guns belonging to this citizen.

Imagine if this happened with any other type of property. Imagine if police seized a citizen’s car because someone else planned to steal it and use it in a crime.

This is another nail in the Constitution’s coffin. This is a process that will continue unabated unless the firearm owner community stands up to stop it.