How well do you think you know guns? After attending this four-hour class, you might realize that you didn’t know enough. And even if you do, what about your spouse? What about the rest of your family? If the need ever arises for one of them to disarm a loaded firearm, would they be able to do it safely?

Regardless of one’s feelings about the gun debate, NRA Home Firearm Safety is the most important gun course in the nation. There are more than 390 million guns in the United States. Even citizens with no interest in firearms will probably encounter one in their lifetimes. A firearm can be deadly if handled incorrectly. It may not have an external safety. It may be a model that requires the trigger to be pulled to decock. It may be an antique model that fell out of common use decades or even centuries ago. Home Firearm Safety covers every major type of action seen in firearms since they were first invented in the late Middle Ages.

Every Home Firearm Safety instructor must maintain an active certification by the NRA. With the guidance of an NRA instructor , students learn how to load and unload handguns, rifles, shotguns and even black powder guns.
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